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Our formulas include matte, shine, glittered and flower core. With a 12000 piece MOQ, we can offer up to 8 color options. The price ranges from 0.4$ to 2$ per piece.


Gloss can give your lips a charming shiny look. Liquid lipsticks are also often called lip gloss. Our formulas include glittered shine, transparent, Matte, Waterproof, Velvet soft(long lasting soft touch) and hard matte long-lasting. 12000 pieces MOQ for up to 8 colors with prices ranging from 0.4 up to 1.5 USD.


Available in wood and plastic options. MOQ is 10000 per color with an average price of 1$ for a dozen for wood pencils and 2.5$ per dozen for plastic pencils with formulas ranging from matte, shine, glitter long-lasting(only for plastic items) and waterproof.



There are two main factors in a mascara: brush and material. Our mascara formulas are top in worldwide and we have cooperation with global brands. We also have hundreds of private molds and patented options for both silicon and nylon brushes which gives your product the advantage of being unique. MOQ is 12000 pieces and prices vary from 0.7$ up to 2$.

beauty, makeup, skincare


Shadows are rather complicated products. Packaging can be either plastic or paper. With plastic packaging you get higher stability and durability but your artwork is limited and the MOQ is high(12000 pieces). With paper packaging you have limitless artwork options and lower MOQ (5000 pieces) but the packaging is not as durable. Prices range between 0.7 up to 4 USD depending on pallet size and artwork.


Eye liners come in different shapes and forms including dip liner, pencils and pens. Vibe group is also a pioneer in eye liner formulation and development. Formulas include shine, matte waterproof and water-resistant. prices can vary from 0.5 up to 1.2 USD with MOQ of 12000 pieces.



Sold mainly in two forms, bottles or in tube. Vibe group has a wide range of formulas that also can be customized to your market's requirements. MOQ is same 12000 pieces for both tube and bottled and we offer 6 colors for this quantity. Prices range from 0.6 up to 1.2 for tube packed and 0.7 up to 2 USD for bottled ones.


All categorized as Pressed/Baked powders. MOQ is 12000 pieces for all because the packaging is similar. Prices can range from 0.55 up to 1.2 USD per piece. Palette prices are similar to shadow prices.


Primers are very sensitive in formulation. Similar to foundation cream, they also come in bottles and tubes. MOQ for primers is also 12000 pieces and prices range from 1USD up to 3 USD per piece.

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