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Vibe Group

Build Your Brand

Build Your Brand

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

1. We Cooperate with the best


And Much More!

Vibe Group chooses top suppliers in the cosmetics world to manufacture & design products for your brand. The quality of your products is guaranteed. We have strong and professional laboratories that can develop or reverse-engineer your desired formula  at the lowest cost!

2. Competitive Prices

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We Know About Your Market

Since we have supplied brands all around the world, we know what your competitors are buying and at what range of prices. Based on your marketing strategies, we will choose the best options for you so you can compete more effectively in your local market.

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Unlimited Resources

We have established tight cooperation with numerous plants each enjoying different local or governmental benefits with their own machinery & man force advantages that can result in a more budget friendly production based on the specific product and quantity.

3. Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Your Products Are In Good Hands

An experienced team of product specialists will be on the production line inspecting your products from the moment the raw material arrives at our plant. We know how important it is for you to give high quality flawless products to your valued customers.

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