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Vibe group was established in 2016 locating in China Yiwu international trade city. Its main bodies include trade department and manufacturing Department. Our trade department engages in procurement services for all sorts of products as well as outsourcing, inspection, warehousing, shipping and cargo services. Our manufacturing department is an independant company that designs, develops and manufactures cosmetic product for brands worldwide. Our team members work hard everyday to make sure each and everone of our customers are fully satsfied with our service.


1. Safety first

We start quality check from the very beginning. Our raw material suppliers have to go through strict quality & safety inspections to be able to work with us.  Our plants and products are constantly examed for heavy metal, ammonia etc. concentration levels, and we always pass the test!

Our production lines are supervised by GMP and match standards of ISO 22716 to assure each item coming out of our plants are safe, clean and harmless to the skin. Our laboratories can develop formulas in accordance to customs standars  all around the globe.

2. Cruelty Free

This may surprize you, given that we are maily based in China, that we strictly follow cruelty-free policies in our system. The misunderstand is that China only requires animal testing on cosmetic products that are manufactured outside China and are imported into China. Since we do not import Any finished makeup products to China, we do not need any animal testing done in our system.

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